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Client Testomonials!

Many patients find a way to better manage their health problems within a year, and most don't need to ever see another doctor ever again!

Not many doctors will actually work to put you into peek performance to where you no longer need to see a doctor. I came in with terrible illness with someone no other health practioner could diagnos. From aches and pains to not bein able to sleep. I have tried every medication, and every other side effect that I had to take that pill for. I ended up taking 50 pills a day and still no one knew what was wrong with me!

Thank fully Dr.Sawhney put me on several alternative roots and plants. That helped me take half of my medicines right off the bat. After that we worked on my dosha's and Yoga. Within a year I was back to working and enjoying my life with my family. We never did find out what was the original cause but we got to work on removing all the triggers. Thank you so much for all your help! I would gladly recommend her to everyone that has been having difficulty with other health practioners who say they are dedicated to helping you as the patient. Come see her and get back the life you had.



I had the unfortunate experience of having to go through several surgeries. My family suffers from the same heridiatary problems that I have. I just have had the worst. Seeing Dr.Parmella Sawhney really helped. She worked with me on a level I never thoguht a doctor could. She did accupunture, laser treatments for my skin, and Tapping for my anxiety which would make my skin bad.

WHen I first came to her I had physical and mental inless which kept making me more ill. We worked twice a month on getting my mobility and my skin issues. Thanks to her I am competely healed and put my hidrenitis into remission. She has so much knowledge in Alternative health that I am very impressed at what an asset she can be to helping anyone from any range of health issues. She also works with Sharp Health Care professional so it was good to talk to my surgeons about her and they were glad I was in good hands.



I am a diabetic, who has suffered from arthirits. I had horrible depression because every doctor I met gave me prescribtions that made my stomach hurt. I have a very sensitive stomach system. I cannot tolerate any of the medications my other doctors prescribe me from my Psychitrist to my General Health Practioner. It was such a nightmare to where I would throw up the medicines, and if I didn't my skin would peel or I would get dizzy along with aches and pains that didn't leave me capable of doing the basics of taking care of myself.

Dr.Swahney told me which Ayurvedic medications to substitude for what gave me problems. She also recommended which types of foods I should not eat, along with giving me a list of exercises I do everyday and now I am able to enjoy my life once more. Thank you so much Dr!

I hope anyone who has the good fortune to get Dr.Sawhney will appreciate what a wonderful person she is. May god bless you for all you do!