Ayurvedic Integrated Wellness


  Parmela Sawhney M.D. ABHM, DAS, ABFP 

Welcome to Ayurvedic Integrated Wellness Center!

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Here at the center, we provide a natural health care approach for wellness using many treatment models.The treatments used include standard Western or allopathic medicine, Ayurveda, natural energy medicine, and other natural holistic approaches.

As opposed to simply diagnosing and treating diseases, our goal is to maintain true, vibrant health. If we discover a pre-existing imbalance in the body, we re-establish balance to achieve the health we all deserve and desire. We encourage you to join us in this exploration of life and rejuvenation to achieve balance
and joy.


"As board certified family practitioner, board certified holistic practitioner and a diplomate of Ayurvedic sciences, I can offer an integrated holistic approach to wellness. 




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San Diego Fox 5 interview with Dr. Sawhney, March 2009